Heart to Heart by Terry Bennett

Last summer, 2014, I had a brief dream of Gods prophet Terry Bennett. I saw Terry standing very tall in a dark navy blue suit. I took him by the hand and it was very uncomfortable for me. After seeking the Lord on this dream I came to understand that I was to come into agreement with Terry on what he is teaching and that the Lord would use him to confirm many things to me. The reason I was uncomfortable in the dream is because of the uncompromising message Terry preaches and the hard hitting truth he proclaims that really can sting sometimes.

I know Terry is sent by God for our generation to call the bride of Christ to her place as the wife of the Lamb. The Lord has also called me to give a similar message. Just like Terry was given a signet ring by the Lord that gave him permission to speak to His bride, the Lord also gave me a signet ring that indicated His approval of me to also speak to His bride. This is not something I have shared anywhere else, but I feel led to say it here.

I urge you all to listen to Terry’s messages and take these things to the Lord to get your own confirmations on the things he says. Terry has a “throne room ministry.” What that means is that he is taken before God to be instructed on a regular basis. Not that it makes him in any way someone we should just take everything he says as 100% accurate, after all, he is just a man and not God, and we should always seek the Lord to confirm the things we question.

The message below is an example of the message he preaches.

Terry Bennett Ministries Website

Terry Bennett Ministries on Soundcloud